About Sven

Modern, friendly and flexible – this is how the pianist Sven Großkopf likes himself to be regarded. He was born in 1986 and grew up on the North Sea island of Norderney but now lives in Hamburg where he studied musicology at the University of Hamburg. At the same time he continued to concentrate on his classical piano studies with Prof. Trefor Smith.

Sven Großkopf has a great deal of experience as a professional pianist and plays regularly at both private and public venues, ranging from stylish weddings to the festive company anniversary or great gala evening, as well as at other events.

His performance repertoire does not conform to any rigid plan, but develops within the context of the event, the atmosphere and spontaneous reactions from the audience. He therefore has a repertoire at hand that includes classical works, film soundtracks, melodies from musicals as well as everything from swing to rock and pop.

At his concerts his audiences do not only enjoy his inspired piano-playing, but also his charming commentaries and humorous anecdotes about many past performances.

If you are looking for professional musical accompaniment to a special event, you will find the perfect solution in Sven Großkopf.

Please just give him a call.